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We recently hired Mitch and his team at Murphy Landscaping for several landscaping projects; including redoing the interlock along the side of our house, re-grading the dirt along two sides of our house, and building a new fence for our backyard.

From the moment we started working with Mitch, we could tell that he was a great choice.

First of all, it’s incredibly clear that Mitch cares a lot about his clients and doesn’t just rush to finish a project.

There were a number of times when after starting a project it became clear that there was something else with our home that might need to be dealt with/fixed. For example, when Mitch’s team used the excavator to dig back the old tile that lined the side of our house they found an uncapped old drain that was letting water back into our house that was no longer in use.

Mitch took the time to stop his team, inspect and explore the old drain, and then repaired and cemented the hole, before continuing. When things come up, Mitch took the time to discuss them with us, explained what was going on, and made sure that we took the appropriate next step.

Another thing that impressed us was the level of detail and care that the Murphy Landscaping team showed in their work.

We really noticed this when they were preparing, planning, and laying the interlock along the side of our house. Even though we picked a size of paver that did not lend itself to an easy or attractive pattern in certain sections of our walkway (the paver was a little too large to comfortably lay a full row across a few sections, and the walkway was slightly different widths at the top and bottom) Mitch’s team took extra time and cut each individual piece custom to make sure it looked attractive and the pattern looked consistent. I honestly believe that any other landscaper would have just laid the original pavers down and told us it would be too much work.

Overall, the Murphy Landscaping team was incredibly responsive and attentive to our needs. They kept us informed every step of the way and we feel they really worked hard to ensure that every aspect of our project was completed to our satisfaction. They were on time each morning and often stayed late. They were very clean and took great care to ensure that our house, driveway, and backyard remained in excellent condition as they worked.

Overall, we had an exceptional experience with Mitch and his team. All of his team were great, and we would highly recommend Murphy Landscaping to anyone looking for high-quality, professional landscaping renovation, excavation, or interlock services.



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